Scene Planet-QX454FG534

Scene Planet-QX454FG534 for Vrchat chatrooms. inspired by Beeple’s artwork,with sound design by Muta, Modeled Blender ,textures SP,materials and implement scene Unity 5. view 3d : With Help of PK : Contest for VRchatroom based Beeple´s worlds:   Scene captures:     . Continúa leyendo Scene Planet-QX454FG534

Batllo House

Blender, cycles and Photoshop. The Casa Batllo is a work of architect Antoni Gaudi, leader of the Catalan Modernism building. It is a remodeling of an existing building previously The Casa Batllo is a reflection of artistic fullness of Gaudí: naturalistic stage belongs to his (first decade of the twentieth century), during which the architect perfected his personal style, inspired by the organic forms of … Continúa leyendo Batllo House

Blender Tutorial How to make Mila House.

First at all as always we collect with good references from images, both the building plans,etc, and their details, balconies, roof, chimneys, etc. Lo primero como siempre es hacerse con buenas referencias de imagenes, tanto del edificio, planos,etc, como de sus detalles, balcones, tejado, chimeneas, etc. For this I recommend both google earth, maps, and the web of Casa Mila: Para ello recomiendo tanto … Continúa leyendo Blender Tutorial How to make Mila House.

Casa Mila_La Pedrera.

Blender, Cycles, photoshop. Download the scene: Casa Mila, popularly La Pedrera (“quarry” in Catalan) called, is a modernist building designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, built between 1906 and 1910. The Casa Mila is a reflection of artistic fullness of Gaudí: naturalistic stage belongs to her. The set, so innovative, is a typical Gaudi work in which the geometric lines are only straight forming … Continúa leyendo Casa Mila_La Pedrera.

Tutorial-How to make a Terrace exterior in Blender.

We start with a good reference, in this case we will use a catalog IKEA terraces. Comenzaremos con una buena referencia, en este caso vamos a usar una del catalogo de terrazas de IKEA. 1 – start inserting the reference image as background, Blender putting their decimal metric sizes. 1–Empezamos insertando la imagen de referencia como fondo, poniendo Blender en sus medidas metricas decimales. Outdoor … Continúa leyendo Tutorial-How to make a Terrace exterior in Blender.

Home WorkStation Steampunk

A WorkStation in Steampunk stile. Modeled  Blender whit render in Cycles and Post in photoshop. Fuente :Steampunk_Font_by_hannarb Object-Toy_Tool by :Mechtorians por Dok. A Materials metals: by BroadStu Referencia WorkStation:         Details of models:     Clay whith shadows.   Coleccion Mechatronics by Dr A reference :   Renders before Post photoshop:           Powered by:   … Continúa leyendo Home WorkStation Steampunk