Scene Planet-QX454FG534

Scene Planet-QX454FG534 for Vrchat chatrooms. inspired by Beeple’s artwork,with sound design by Muta, Modeled Blender ,textures SP,materials and implement scene Unity 5. view 3d : With Help of PK : Contest for VRchatroom based Beeple´s worlds:   Scene captures:     . Continúa leyendo Scene Planet-QX454FG534

Plaza de Las ventas

Plaza de las Ventas in Madrid. Blender Modeling and Materials Cycles, 2048 includes 5 textures and original texture of the brick facade. As always i hope you like it and enjoy it. Download file : View 3d:       Clay: Satelite view:     Referencia:   Powered By:  Continúa leyendo Plaza de Las ventas


Modeled in Blender , Render in cycles, post Blender ,photoshop. A nice mix between almost medieval classic architecture and modern engineering. Vista en 3D: Download the Model TowerBridge:         En Wireframe and Clay:   Referencias:   Powered by :  Continúa leyendo TowerBridge


Modeled in Blender,and render in Cycles and Gimp, A easy exercise of arrays and curves path modifier. Model of  Boy “Marvin” by Cookie Flex Rig version 1.2     testview: reference, Acc to UNHCR, little Marwan was found in in Jordan desert w possessions in plastic bag; was later reunited w family. — Hala Gorani (@HalaGorani) 17 feb 2014         Continúa leyendo Walls