Home WorkStation Steampunk

A WorkStation in Steampunk stile. Modeled  Blender whit render in Cycles and Post in photoshop. Fuente :Steampunk_Font_by_hannarb Object-Toy_Tool by :Mechtorians por Dok. A http://www.mechtorians.com Materials metals: by BroadStu http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/48688 Referencia WorkStation: http://modvic.com         Details of models:     Clay whith shadows.   Coleccion Mechatronics by Dr A reference :   Renders before Post photoshop:           Powered by:   … Continúa leyendo Home WorkStation Steampunk


Modeled in Blender,and render in Cycles and Gimp, A easy exercise of arrays and curves path modifier. Model of  Boy “Marvin” by Cookie Flex Rig version 1.2 cgcookie.com     testview: reference, Acc to UNHCR, little Marwan was found in in Jordan desert w possessions in plastic bag; was later reunited w family. pic.twitter.com/rAUIx82Vxm — Hala Gorani (@HalaGorani) 17 feb 2014         Continúa leyendo Walls

The Clown

The Clown. Modelado en Blender, sculpt con multiresolution para obtener los mapas de displace y normales. Render en Cycles, postcomp en Photo , intentando darle un acabado final con un contraste oscuro, granulado, asi como medio posterizado, como los posters de fotografias. Modeling in Blender to sculpt in multiresolution sacr maps and displace normal. Render in Cycles, postcomp in Photo. BlenRig Addon by Bart Crouch … Continúa leyendo The Clown