Aquatic Alien

A alien girl from acuatic world, She has external gills and primitive lungs allowing it to breathe also out of the water. Pose for the occasion with a thermal suit and luminous blue. Sculpt Blender Multiresolution. Pbr materials. in SP. and PS. View 3d:           reference peterkonig :   . Continúa leyendo Aquatic Alien

Scene Planet-QX454FG534

Scene Planet-QX454FG534 for Vrchat chatrooms. inspired by Beeple’s artwork,with sound design by Muta, Modeled Blender ,textures SP,materials and implement scene Unity 5. view 3d : With Help of PK : Contest for VRchatroom based Beeple´s worlds:   Scene captures:     . Continúa leyendo Scene Planet-QX454FG534