Aquatic Alien

A alien girl from acuatic world, She has external gills and primitive lungs allowing it to breathe also out of the water. Pose for the occasion with a thermal suit and luminous blue. Sculpt Blender Multiresolution. Pbr materials. in SP. and PS. View 3d:           reference peterkonig :   . Continúa leyendo Aquatic Alien

How To Rapture Europe in Blender

How To Rapture europe in Blender 2.78 3D view: Article in ArtSpotlight Skechtfab: Initial References: The rapture of europe its meaning and its representation through history. This is the case of this work, based on the interpretations that different great masters have made of this myth. The rapture of Titian’s Europe. The abduction of Rembrandt’s Europe. The abduction of Europe by Rubens. … Continúa leyendo How To Rapture Europe in Blender

Home WorkStation Steampunk

A WorkStation in Steampunk stile. Modeled  Blender whit render in Cycles and Post in photoshop. Fuente :Steampunk_Font_by_hannarb Object-Toy_Tool by :Mechtorians por Dok. A Materials metals: by BroadStu Referencia WorkStation:         Details of models:     Clay whith shadows.   Coleccion Mechatronics by Dr A reference :   Renders before Post photoshop:           Powered by:   … Continúa leyendo Home WorkStation Steampunk


Modeled in Blender , Render in cycles, post Blender ,photoshop. A nice mix between almost medieval classic architecture and modern engineering. Vista en 3D: Download the Model TowerBridge:         En Wireframe and Clay:   Referencias:   Powered by :  Continúa leyendo TowerBridge