How To Rapture Europe in Blender

How To Rapture europe in Blender 2.78 3D view: Article in ArtSpotlight Skechtfab: Initial References: The rapture of europe its meaning and its representation through history. This is the case of this work, based on the interpretations that different great masters have made of this myth. The rapture of Titian’s Europe. The abduction of Rembrandt’s Europe. The abduction of Europe by Rubens. … Continúa leyendo How To Rapture Europe in Blender

Batllo House

Blender, cycles and Photoshop. The Casa Batllo is a work of architect Antoni Gaudi, leader of the Catalan Modernism building. It is a remodeling of an existing building previously The Casa Batllo is a reflection of artistic fullness of Gaudí: naturalistic stage belongs to his (first decade of the twentieth century), during which the architect perfected his personal style, inspired by the organic forms of … Continúa leyendo Batllo House