Aquatic Alien

A alien girl from acuatic world, She has external gills and primitive lungs allowing it to breathe also out of the water. Pose for the occasion with a thermal suit and luminous blue. Sculpt Blender Multiresolution. Pbr materials. in SP. and PS. View 3d:           reference peterkonig :   . Continúa leyendo Aquatic Alien

Casa Mila_La Pedrera.

Blender, Cycles, photoshop. Download the scene: Casa Mila, popularly La Pedrera (“quarry” in Catalan) called, is a modernist building designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, built between 1906 and 1910. The Casa Mila is a reflection of artistic fullness of Gaudí: naturalistic stage belongs to her. The set, so innovative, is a typical Gaudi work in which the geometric lines are only straight forming … Continúa leyendo Casa Mila_La Pedrera.