How To Rapture Europe in Blender

How To Rapture europe in Blender 2.78

3D view:

Article in ArtSpotlight Skechtfab:

Initial References:

The rapture of europe its meaning and its representation through history.

This is the case of this work, based on the interpretations that different great masters have made of this myth.

The rapture of Titian’s Europe.
The abduction of Rembrandt’s Europe.
The abduction of Europe by Rubens.
The abduction of Picasso’s Europe.
The abduction of Europe by Francisco Goya.

SUITE VOLLARD.1937 P.Picasso.


And much much more…

So I began to pose and make my version in October 2016, when I realized that in order to reach the minimum final result that I expected to achieve, I would need much more knowledge of anatomy human and animal sculpture, so quietly and in the following months while Performed other works, I went deeper into sculpture and anatomy and making several sketches / sculpted prototypes.

Initial concept of representation.

As I always start collecting and using the best references I can get.

Picture 1 – Model base low poly, basic of Bull from the reference. And with mirror modifier.

Image2 – Model ears, horns and tail separete.


After modeling the bull I add a basic skeleton to put it in the chosen position.

Imagen4- The reference chosen is the wall street bull that will make of Zeus perfectly.


Image 5, insert a model base of Makehuman woman that already comes with its built-in rig

Picture 6 – And I position it in the chosen pose.

Image 7 – To make the clothes I put a modifier clothes to a flat and I use the Body of Europe like Colission of this way I adjust the clothes to its body after several tries, exactly of the expected way.

To make the shreds  in the clothes, or Breaks in the fabric I select in edit mode the cuts esactos and erase their vertices.

Image 9 – Once I have the model in the correct position and the minimum basic objects, I export all the objects in .obj to Zbrush.

Image 10 – I import all objects to Zbrush. And with Transpose finished placing the fingers of the hands in the correct positions.


Image 11 – Spend a lot of time from 3 to 4 months to complete the sculpting of the volumes, shapes, and wrinkles of both the bull and Europe, like the clothes.


Image 12 – Once completed, separate the model in Polygrups,and Zremesher to make the UV map of the models and to export all the maps.

Image 13– General final vision in Zbrush

Image 14 — Import all back in Blender and model the coins and necklaces that they will wear with an array modifier

Terrain and particles, particles everywhere.

Image 15– Model a floor divided in tiles and carve some cracks where the bull supports the legs.

From one of the tiles and with elplugin Cell fracture I applied a fracture to achieve the effect choose.

Image 16 – I added a handful of stones to improve the breaking effect.

To create the particles/concepts/projects… that escape and desintegrate from the head of Europe, I create a group of geometric objects and use it to make the particle system applied.

Image 18 – I use a fluid simulation to recreate the liquid spilling.

Image 19 — The final look in vievport Blender with a Matcap material.

Image 20 — Textured. In SP they are bakean the maps AO, NM, etc. that uses a smartmaterial, Bronze statue, that basically uses a smart Mask Dirt with adjustable parameters. Customized and adapted easily for each model depending on its maps bakeados and the final effect sought, just save the smartmaterial to be able to be used in other models (in micaso is the same material that I use for the “AngelFall” model)


Image 21 — to ensure that the metal values in the PBR-metalic / rougness material will be correct later when rendering with HDRI, I use a Metal rought validate filter that allows to adjust the red areas whose metal values are above a 70% reflectivity.


Image 22 – I finally export all the textures I will use.

Image 23 — Finally in Blender he placed a 50 mm camera, a hdri map and a sun light to give some shade basically.

Image 24– view of the model viewport with a marble material.






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